V5 Kit

May 5, 2023

A ready-to-use web UI kit with predefined components and few page libraries. I originally created this for my personal portfolio on vjy.me.

I have been learning NextJS, and I decided to use it to code my portfolio. During the process, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience. I coded everything using NextJS and deployed it on Vercel. It was a great learning experience for me, and I experimented with different things. I enjoy both coding and designing as they allow for greater customization and problem-solving capabilities. While I appreciate the advancements in No Code tools, I have always wanted to explore new technologies and trends. So here it is, my portfolio coded using NextJS live at vjy.me

Figma Library available at Community here

  • More than 100+ Components variants including dark mode

  • 10+ Pages with Mobile screen example

Now Available for Framer Get a copy here

Love to see what you make with it. Also, you can share you feedback at twitter.com/realvjy